The Ontario Youth Rainbow Coalition was founded by 102 high school students and their accompanying school staff advisors from 8 school boards and 21 schools across Ontario with one sole purpose – to campaign for the elimination of prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity throughout all high schools in Ontario.

The dynamic and dedicated group of youth activists who form the membership of the OYRC coordinate to plan creative, youth-focused awareness events and campaigns in their high schools focused around the following themes: visual arts, written expression, public speaking, dance, fashion, public demonstrations, media arts, photography, music, drama, and sports.

The aim of the OYRC is threefold:

1. To allow OYRC members to collaborate with one another to share ideas and best practices, and to ensure that each OYRC campaign is reaching the widest high school audience possible;

2. To provide training, resources, and support to all OYRC members campaigning to eliminate prejudice against sexual and gender minorities in the Ontario education system; and,

3. To release position statements to the media, educational authorities, school boards, schools, and specific individuals recommending implementable actions to better uphold the dignity of sexual and gender minority students in Ontario schools.


Mission – To provide training, a support network, and resources for youth in the Ontario education system to eliminate homophobia, transphobia, and queerphobia and promote understanding and celebration of sexual diversity within their schools.

Vision – We envision an education system which upholds and fully respects the dignity of all students and staff, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The OYRC sends thanks to the British Council Canada for having sponsored the Ontario Youth Rainbow Summit 2010 - the founding event of the OYRC.

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